Does a high IQ predict success?


This question has been asked over a hundred years before. People have always been interested in knowing whether an IQ has an impact on success in life.

The Terman Study of the Gifted

This question also intrigued American psychologist and author Lewis Terman. Terman is known as the father of gifted education, he started such a movement and conducted extensive research on it. In 1921 he began a study of about 1500 children which ended in 1999 (78 years). This is the longest study in the history of psychology, and its results have greatly contributed to understanding the impact of intelligence on success in life.

Terman selected 1528 gifted children, over an IQ of 135, which included 856 boys and 672 girls. Terman followed their development in a variety of areas in life: physical development, social development, psychological development, and professional development.

He used various tests, questionnaires, and interviews in order to monitor their development accurately.

The findings:

The main findings of the study were astounding. They showed that those gifted had achieved successful careers above the average person, and were more self-sufficient in themselves. In addition, the subjects were healthier socially, mentally, and physically.

The findings shattered common myths, for example, that people with a high IQ are mentally unstable, weak, or less attractive.

However, it is important to note that low IQ does not signify a lack of success. Although according to the data it is easier to achieve success for people with high IQ, every person is able to be successful and achieve his aspirations and goals in life. There is a large percentage of successful people with a lower than average IQ.

Your IQ represents your degree of "talent," but talent is not the only factor in success. Success is something that depends on many factors, like hard work, motivation, self-discipline, EQ, patience, passion, optimism, luck, and much more.

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