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Many people wonder if they could qualify for Mensa. There are many benefits to joining Mensa, but only 2% of the population can do so.

This article will explain what Mensa is, the benefits and obligations of being a Mensa member, and how you can increase your probability of being a Mensa member by correct preparation.

In addition, you can take our free IQ test to get an accurate IQ assessment.

What is Mensa?

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Mensa is an international organization made up of people with a high IQ. It was founded in Britain after World War II, and today this organization numbers over 140,000 people from all over the world.

The name "Mensa" means a table in Latin. It is so named because a table represents the ability to discuss and learn from various opinions without differences between people.

The only thing Mensa members have in common is their high IQ. There is no difference between religion, race, sex, or occupation. Any person whose intelligence is high enough can join the organization from anywhere.

Mensa's goal is to be an organization that contributes to the development of humanity and encourages creative thinking. The areas of interest in Mensa are very diverse: from exploring human intelligence and the pursuit of world peace to the most day-to-day regular topics.

What are the benefits of being a member of Mensa?

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If you managed to join Mensa, you would be called a Mensa member or Mensan. Mensa is an excellent environment for brilliant people of all ages, from 3 to 100.

You will have access to people with great expertise and knowledge in your areas of interest, so you will be able to form excellent relationships with the right people for the continuation of your career and your personal development.

Also, you will be entitled to Special events, academic forums, and monthly magazines. Mensa members get a membership card, which allows them to attend local gatherings or national gatherings and mingle with other mensa members.

Plus, being a member of Mensa can open many doors for you in life. Membership in Mensa is considered an impressive thing for potential employers, friends, and family.

What are my obligations as a Mensa member?

If you are eligible for Mensa, you must pay an annual fee. The fee varies according to age and place of residence. You can see the fees here.

Who can join Mensa?


To join Mensa, you will need to prove that your IQ is in the highest 2% range of the population.

You will need to take an official IQ test to prove it. The IQ test should be from a qualified body such as a psychologist/recognized institute in your country. You can see the list of accepted IQ tests here. Another option is to take the IQ test directly through Mensa online or offline (the tests are paid).

Do not pay for an IQ test online from websites that claim to give IQ scores that Mensa does not accept. The vast majority of them are not accurate enough for Mensa.

But before you rush to take these IQ tests, we suggest you read this article to the end to increase your chances of getting your best IQ score.

What are Mensa IQ score requirements?

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It depends on which IQ test you took. For example, if you take the Cattell IQ test, you will need a score of 148, but if you take the Stanford Binet IQ test, the required score is 132.

Mensa does not specify a specific IQ score but a percentile. In each of the tests, you have to be in the top 2% range in the distribution of IQ scores.

You can see the IQ score required for all official IQ tests here.

How to prepare Mensa IQ test?


Whether you have decided to take the mensa IQ test or another official IQ test, we highly recommend that you prepare for it if you want to maximize your IQ score.

There are several steps we recommend (in the following order):

Try not to exceed the time frames because you will not be able to round corners in the actual IQ test.


Mensa is a great organization that has considerable benefits for its members. To join Mensa, you have to be very successful in the IQ test.

To realize your potential before the IQ test, we recommend preparing for it, mentally and intellectually, according to the steps above.

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