7 Things To Know Before Taking An IQ Test Online

things to know before IQ test

When trying to choose an IQ test online there is a wide variety of sites that offer the service. Some are better, some less - but how are we supposed to know to choose the most accurate test? In this article you will discover 7 ways to test the quality of the IQ test you are about to do.

What are the test results based on?

To get reliable results, you need to check if the test questions have been tested on a large number of subjects who preceded you and did it. The greater the number of subjects who preceded you, the more accurate the results will be. The IQ tests of specific websites, including Brainalytics, have long been involved in the research and development of unique questions, involving various aspects.

Brainalytics IQ test algorithm is the only algorithm that matches the test to the subject - subjects at different levels will automatically be asked different questions. The algorithm makes it possible to predict a more accurate result - with fewer questions. If the test is made up of random questions that have not been tried on a large number of examinees in all age groups, it will be difficult and even impossible to predict your score accurately.

How many questions are in the test?

Some sites claim they can predict you your IQ by answering 10-20 questions. Just for comparison, the average official IQ test done offline is about 50 questions long.

Brainalytics algorithm works differently. Although Brainalytics test is 20 questions long, these are questions that are specifically tailored to you by the algorithm. The test is divided into 4 sections with 5 questions each. But the algorithm selects the specific section that suits your level. In other words, examinees at different levels will get different sections and different questions. This factor allows the Brainalytics IQ test to be as accurate and short as possible.

How long does it take to take the IQ test?

The purpose of an IQ test is to check the level of intelligence of an examinee and not the ability to think under pressure. Therefore, examinees must have enough time to solve the questions. On the other hand, the IQ test should not continue all day. Even when going for an offline IQ test, the examinee cannot stay in the testing institute as long as he wants - except within a certain time frame. Therefore, if you feel that there is not enough time to complete the test (such as a one-minute allowance per question), take another test.

Brainalytics test places special emphasis on this. Each section has a stop button that allows you to rest for a few minutes and refresh yourself if you need to, and in the advanced sections, the time allotment given to you is sufficient.

Are you certified at the end of the IQ test?

This question is a little more individual. Some people are interested in getting certified at the end of the test. Some just want to know their score. If obtaining certification at the end of the test is important to you, find out in advance whether the certification is included in the cost of the test or whether it entails an additional cost and take this into account.

Will I know which questions I did wrong after taking the test?

In the vast majority of tests, you will not know which questions you have gotten wrong and which questions you were right about - only an end result of an IQ. Therefore a person who has completed the test, who wants to know which questions were wrong, will have to look for the answers in various forums and hope to find them.

In Brainalytics, immediately after the end of the test and the payment stage, you will reach a page where you will receive all the questions you were asked, the answer you answered compared to the correct answer. Each answer is accompanied by a detailed explanation.

Does the test include language questions?

When doing an IQ test online, one of the most important things to know is whether the questions include language questions. For that matter, if the test includes grammar, syntax, or vocabulary questions in English, and English is not your native language - you will have a harder time answering the question and this may reduce your final score. Therefore, some tests avoid asking such questions in advance.

Brainalytics test does not include such questions and is suitable for all examinees from all over the world

Do the questions in the IQ test examine a variety of aspects?

For most people who are unfamiliar with the field, it will be a little difficult to check, but it is still worth mentioning. The questions should examine several aspects such as analytical thinking, identifying and solving complex problems, identifying patterns, and more. A test in which all the questions seem identical and concentrate on one aspect - indicates that the test is monotonous and does not examine in depth diverse intellectual abilities.

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